Gold and diamond buyers mostly fall into two categories. The head-driven savvy investor looking to source the best bars and bullions to add to their portfolio and the blithe shopper, whose magpie instincts find them interested in all things gold and sparkly? Whichever class you make up, port is that the destination to pander to your needs and obtain some serious gold and diamonds at unbeatable costs.

Since the 19th century, Dubai has been a major trading port due to its strategic location, particularly its close proximity to India and South Africa where most of the world’s diamonds originate. Add to this its tax-free appeal (you are not needed to pay VAT or tax on diamonds or gold bought in Dubai) and sheer volume of trade, there’s no marvel Dubai has been dubbed ‘The city of Gold.’ Its diamond jewelry trade is ranked fourth in the world and it’s one of the world’s largest re-exporters of gold.

Gold in Dubai

Buying gold and investing in gold is also a very safe practice in Dubai. The Dubai Central Laboratories Department enforces strict regulatory measures with a certification scheme in place known as ‘Bareeq,’ which ensures high standards and purity of product.

Prices remain some of the best in the world, however do be aware that gold isn’t only sold on the gold price, however also with an additional making fee calculated on the intricacy of the craftsmanship. With gold prices reciprocally affected by the global economy, while bullions of gold might seem like the perfect investment, it’s wise to limit your gold investment to just 5-hitter of your total assets.

Purchasing diamonds in Dubai is pretty easy. Always ask for the certificate of authenticity when buying diamond and gemstone jewelry within the region and do also keep hold of the invoice including the description of the jewelry bought, as it might be required at the airport.


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